What is this?

Unique, All - Purpose Assessment Tool

Innate evaluation (i.e.) tool helps identify each individual’s natural or innate “individuality” that is essentially free from bias, influence and misinterpretations of our external environment.

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What is unique about the i.e. tool?

Inside-out approach

The basic premise of the i.e. tool is what makes it fundamentally unique, and hence more effective.

The i.e. tool follows an inside–out approach and evaluates each one’s natural individuality which is unique and relatively constant throughout one’s life – Toddler to Adulthood. The 'inside-out' approach means that your innate personality and competencies hold the key to your holistic well being.

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What is the premise for other assessment tools?

Outside – in approach

Other assessment tools and tests factor the “External environment of an individual” ONLY.

Such an approach, when used solely, gives short sighted and relatively misleading results as there could be incorrect reflection of long term traits and potential.

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How does i.e. tool work?

Simply capturing individual’s Nerve End Points (or) all fingertip profiles

The input for this assessment doesn’t include any written test or questions asked or any mystic ways to understand you better. The scientific methodology is explained below:

  • The only input is a simple scanner based capturing of the individual’s all finger tip profile (also called the Nerve End Points).
  • This is run across a proprietary big data server to churn out a comprehensive report with findings on various crucial and relevant aspects.

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What you should know more?

  • Fingertips or nerve end points are formed when the child is in the womb and they never change with age (also used as a proof of identification for lifetime).
  • No two people have the same fingertip profile (Even twins do not have the same genetic makeup, hence their fingertip profile too varies from each other).
  • People with 6 fingers – their 6th finger either has the same fingertip profile of the nearest finger or no profile at all.

Furthur process


The generated report is discussed one-on-one with the client in depth covering all areas which are aiding or disturbing the growth and development of the individual.

Objective: Clarity – Answers the “Why” and “How” in a very targeted manner.

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The report and its discussion provides 360’ insights about your ‘unique individuality’ and its root cause or source.

This exercise would give you highest clarity about yourself or your dear ones and result in positively managing the natural strength and limitations in a much more streamlined and productive manner.

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How accurate and credible is it in real life?


i.e. tool or DNE-As a team, collectively BRAINBOW has touched 15,000 families and counting.

Proven track record with highest levels of efficacy validated live by clients in the periodic follow ups and feedbacks.

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How secure and sound the backend systems are?

Security and privacy guaranteed

“Brainbow, our technology partner, guarantees full security of your captured fingertip profiles under product immunity act (documented)”

They are 100% encrypted and secure once uploaded and a data mining protocol deletes the encrypted prints also and report is generated.

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