Employee and customer satisfaction is the key in this competitive modern world to differentiate yourself from others.  

Understanding your people better helps to run a healthy organisation.

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When you head an organisation, the employees, client, customers, all become your people, because it is they who make the organisation complete.

Educational Establishments

Play schools and Toy Libraries

i.e. tool helps to add value, differentiating you from other play schools.

i.e. also helps in toy libraries, which are an emerging trend in metropolitan cities.

Schools and colleges

i.e. workshops with teachers help them to understand the relevance of this tool in helping students.

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Health and Wellness Clinics

When you know your client’s innate personality, you can mould the treatment in a way that works best for them. It will help you ensure a comprehensive remedy for your patient.

Alternative Therapies

i.e. works as an additional tool to provide comprehensive care and treatment to your clients.

Psychologist and Counsellors

i.e. adds value in helping your client achieve a strong and balanced mental health care.

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Work places

This tool will help your find the right team for the right project and the right mind for the right job.

Start-ups and small enterprises

i.e. will help you to find the right person for a start-up culture, as this requires immense flexibility and passion. Small enterprises too require dedicated people, who can work for the organisation outside the siloed with conventional mindset.

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Community spaces

i.e. also helps in spaces where a group of like-minded individual come together.

Residential complexes

Workshops to help understand each individual’s innate personality contribute towards adding value to the group.

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