Chaos as Kids

Parents can play a role in reducing the child's anxiety and their own. Research has shown that children of stressed parents are more likely to be stressed.  

Parents want to give their child the best possible exposure and development at an early age, without trying to understand and analyze what the child's response is to them.

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Chaos as Teenagers

When asked what were the most important goals that Indian parents wanted their child to achieve as an adult? A whopping 51% chose successful careers, while only 17% rated fulfilling their child’s potential, as the ultimate goal.  

Parents don’t spend enough time for understanding their young kids - Misunderstood kids become rebellious teenagers.

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Chaos as Young Adults

Almost 1 in 3 young adults suffer from health impacting behaviors and conditions due to stress and other factors.  

Young adults are under high stress of ‘securing their future’, thus, give up their childhood to studying than learning.

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Chaos as Adults

43% with skewed BMI (body mass index), of which 30% with diabetic risk, 30% with hypertension risk and 46% high on stress.  

Adults of the modern world are mostly in unhealthy emotional, physical and mental state.
- Poor work life balance as working adults
- Anxieties about their child’s performance and development as parents

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Chaos as Couples

4 out of 10 adults feel they are not happy in their current marriage.

Couples have such low tolerance levels towards each other due to unreasonably high expectations.

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Need for a comprehensive understanding of your own
personality and that of the others around you.

Manasatva–The Outcome

MANASATVA is in the business of Simplifying Lives through Science & Art.

MANASATVA simplifies your life by identifying what’s essential for you and facilitating ways to minimize time and effort when dealing with the unimportant.  

- Vinit Shah, Founder

What ?

We endeavor to bring to you a gamut of various researched tools and services that immensely contribute to you in getting a holistic understanding and clarity. There by making life easier as a Child, as a Teenager, as a working Adult, as a Parent, as an Institution and Businesses (B2B space).

How ?

Simplifying through Science
i.e. tool – A unique all-purpose assessment tool

Identifying your natural traits and preferences pragmatically rather than by judgements and beliefs of others, or of your own, which are acting as barrier in making the natural and stress free choices.

How ?

Simplifying through Art
Human Library (upcoming)

Nothing like an informative conversation with an expert on a subject you wish to explore or know more about.

How ?

Simplifying through Art
Listener (upcoming)

We are here to listen to you with no judgement or prejudice - for those who want someone to hear them in a safe space.

M Team-The Inspired

Believers of Simplifying through Science & Art

Our meticulous endeavor is to create value by providing products and services that enhance the quality of one’s lifestyle on a day to day basis, through collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations that share our thought process.